Back Again, for the Very First Time

Hey guys

So I had a blog awhile ago, where I wrote about race, class, gender, Detroit, and stuff that made me angry. It was fun for a while and I got a lot of positive feedback, but then a couple of things happened. First, I got busy with real life which reduced my free time for stewing in anger and intellectual masturbation. Second, I started to think that my blogging was pretty self righteous and probably more of a subconscious search for validation than a valuable contribution to society.

Well that all changed. Recently, I’ve found myself with the decidedly mixed blessing of having more free time on my hands. I’ve also been reading, watching, and talking about the news way too much. I realized that, just like everyone, I was getting angry at the daily BS, but equally angry at the coverage and reaction to it. It just seems like there is obvious stuff that doesn’t ever get said, by anyone. Maybe there’s a reason for it, but mostly it leaves me feeling like I’m taking crazy pills and shouting things like “CAN’T YOU PEOPLE SEE!!!” at the windshield while listening to NPR, or at the TV. This behavior is not healthy for an adult man, and it scares the dog (not to mention the Mrs, although she’s sitting across from me, and assures me that she’s a lot more amused than afraid).

So I’m feeling self righteous enough to do the modern thing and start a second blog. At least I’ll get enough practice writing to justify the self righteousness. I stole the title from this Craig Finn Song about a kid who moves from a small town to a big city and ends up scared and confused.

I grew up in Bear Lake, Michigan and then moved to Detroit. These two places have shaped who I am in pretty much every way. While I don’t think I’m any more afraid or confused than the average person (who is pretty afraid and confused I realize), I do think the “places I’m from” give me some type of unique perspective that I don’t see in the media ever.

So this blog is gonna be mostly about that. About class, race, urban/rural stuff, and the really strange way that society decides who to listen to and who to mock. I’ll probably also write about sports and music because I like those things. Thanks to anyone who reads it, and if you want to comment feel free. And remember: Don’t ever trust the company men.

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